Celebrating Self-Care with K’Alma Spa

The New Year often marks a renewed commitment to self-care; to nourishing your mind, body and soul, whatever that may look like. Perhaps you’ve vowed to get adventurous with new healing arts, stick to a skincare routine, treat your body to regular massages, or simply spend more time unplugged. Self-care is purposeful and self-serving. And in today’s stressful times, it feels more valuable than ever.

Recognizing this growing need among our guests and local community, Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club has expanded its partnership with K’Alma Spa to offer a range of tailor-made treatments and experiences that invoke vibrance, energy, and joy from the inside, out.

Marizza Contreras, Owner and Founder of K’Alma Spa, talks to Cadillac about these new and reimagined offerings, and how we can incorporate holistic wellness into our daily lives.

What inspired your custom spa menus for Cadillac Miami Beach? 

When we conceptualized our spa offerings for Cadillac, we drew inspiration from the hotel’s beautiful spaces. They reminded us of the luxury resorts that dot the coast of the French Riviera – chic, glamorous, and fun! Our custom treatments and experiences reflect this lifestyle of coastal European glamour and sophistication, with a playful flair and a hint of romanticism. 

Our massage and bodywork therapies incorporate refreshing and organic products from the Mediterranean region, such as the plant-based Caudalie line made from grapevines in the South of France. We also pay homage to these fabulous destinations by name, like the St. Tropez body scrub and our popular Provence Lavender facial.  

What Cadillac x K’Alma treatments do you recommend to those who are new to spas and exploring new ways of self-care? Which would you recommend to frequent spa-goers?

For the spa newcomer, our K’Alma Journey is the perfect introductory service. It includes a 60-minute massage of your choosing, followed by a wonderful hot towel facial. 

For the spa pro, I am in love with the Rosé Dreams, a nourishing full body massage and immersive aromatherapy treatment. The designer fragrance by Jacques Cavallier really elevates the treatment and enlivens your senses on a deeper level. 

What spa experiences are new to Cadillac in 2021? What are you excited about? 

I am truly excited to help so many in need move through these stressful times. As we enter the New Year, we are experiencing such pent up demand for services. I believe that people need the power of positive touch and guided self awareness more than ever, not only to reconnect with themselves, but also with the world around them.  

To meet this demand and provide holistic experiences for Cadillac guests, K’Alma helped to develop new wellness offerings combined with room packages. For example, the hotel’s new Disconnect by the Sea package includes a two-night stay in one of Cadillac’s gorgeous suites and a range of experiences designed to help guests disconnect from the stress of life and reconnect with their spiritual selves. Private yoga, sound bowl healing, guided meditation, and an in-room tea experience are all included in this package, plus a signature K’Alma massage in a fabulous poolside cabana! 

We also designed a new aromatherapy program that invites guests to take home a custom-blended fragrance. Aromatherapy is all-natural and deeply relaxing. It can help alleviate stress and anxiety, and improve your mood. With their custom scents, our guests can transport their minds back to their Cadillac moment for some peace and serenity no matter where they are in the world.

How can guests incorporate K’Alma’s treatments and spa experiences into their daily lives back home? 

This year, our focus is on educating guests through interactive experiences that will inspire them to continue self-care rituals at home. K’Alma’s “Spiritual + Holistic” menu introduces ancient healing arts like crystal ceremonies, cacao ceremonies, and energy clearing through meditation and smudging; rituals that are both simple and revitalizing. They can be performed at home or on the go, for many hours or just a few minutes, making them ideal for day-to-day practice.

How do you personally incorporate the K’Alma brand & healing experiences into your day-to-day?

That’s a great question! We always joke that our most stressful job is helping others relax. Personally, I believe we are all spiritual beings living a physical existence. I find that if I practice a few of our core K’Alma mantras, such as “disconnect to reconnect,” “self care isn’t selfish,” and “be present,” it allows me to maintain my center and elevate me to act in the best interest of my family, co-workers, partners and, most importantly, our spa guests.

Interested to book a K’Alma Spa treatment at Cadillac Miami Beach? 
In-house guests may contact the concierge or the front desk for spa menus and reservations. Non-hotel guests are welcome to book a K’Alma x Cadillac spa treatment with purchase of a Wellness Day Pass. To book our Disconnect by the Sea package, please book online or contact our Reservations specialists at 305.538.3373. For all other inquiries regarding K’Alma Spa, please call the spa directly at 305.534.5555.