What to Order at Five Elevated Miami Beach Cocktail Bars

There are endless places to imbibe in style on Miami Beach. While locals and visitors alike may go straight for the panoramic pleasures of the city’s many refined rooftops, is there anything better than a unique cocktail bar? With an endless array of choices, we have made it easier than ever to decide where to go — and what to order — by rounding up our favorite, vibrant Miami Beach cocktail bars.

The Broken Shaker

Order: The “Punch Bowl”

The spacious outdoor courtyard of The Broken Shaker is perfect for groups. Head to the tropical oasis on Miami Beach with 6-12 friends and order the punch bowl, which includes your choice of a spirit, fruit, and botanical. Enjoy a balmy afternoon or evening under the lush palms of the patio, which evoke the ambience of an exotic locale — such as Sanremo, on the Italian Riviera.

Sweet Liberty & Drinks Supply Company

Order: The “Collins Park”

It doesn’t get more local than a cocktail named after Miami Beach’s very own Collins Park. Located near the cocktail’s namesake park, Sweet Liberty & Drinks Supply Company mixes a cocktail that perfectly encapsulates health-conscious Miami Beach. The “Collins Park” is made with Fords Gin, creme de peche, lemon, orange blossom, egg white, and matcha.

Bob’s Your Uncle

Order: The “Bob’s Old Fashioned”

It’s no coincidence that at Bob’s Your Uncle — a Miami Beach bar imported from New York — selecting the perfect cocktail is as easy as pie. In fact, “Bob’s your uncle” is the British English version of the American saying. For a taste of New York in Miami, opt for whiskey. The “Bob’s Old Fashioned” — made with Rittenhouse Rye, smoke bitters, and demerara — does the trick.

Jaguar Sun

Order: The “Sleepwalker”

Thanks to the year-round warm weather on Miami Beach, any time is the right time for a tropical tiki cocktail. The menu at Jaguar Sun devotes an entire section to exotic cocktails, such as the “Sleepwalker” (Wild Turkey 101, coconut milk, ginger, and lime cordial).

Donna Mare

Order: The “Take Me to the Beach”

Mix together Fords Gin, peach liquor, pineapple, lemon juice, and orange bitters and you’ll get a refreshing cocktail that makes you say, well, “Take me to the beach!” Luckily for guests of the Cadillac Hotel and Beach Club, the on-site Donna Mare restaurant is just steps from the sandy shores of Miami Beach.

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