Cheers to National Rum Day Fest With These Miami Cocktails

Short of a trip to Cuba, there’s no better place to spend National Rum Day than Miami. But no matter if you don’t find yourself here on August 16 — our favorite bars on Miami Beach and across the Bay in Miami serve up these sweet cocktails all year long.

Piña Colada

Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company

A new twist on the classic. Sweet Liberty’s own blend of three rums — plus pineapple, coconut cream, Jamaican coffee beans — is served in a Pedro Ximenez float. This might be the perfect afternoon cocktail to kick-start a fun night out on Miami Beach.

Young Astronaut

Jaguar Sun

With mango and green tea, the Young Astronaut (rum, vermouth, aki amarillo) will have you feeling fit to travel to space. Stop by Jaguar Sun after a visit to Miami to see sights such as the American Airlines Arena and the Pérez Art Museum Miami.

Real Coconut Fiesta

Bungalow by the Sea at Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club

Made with RumHaven Caribbean rum (made with real coconut water and pure cane sugar) and pineapple juice, there’s nothing more refreshing to sip on while relaxing under the shade of the palms at Bungalow by the Sea — just steps from the Atlantic Ocean.


Donna Mare at Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club

This French-Quarter inspired cocktail will mix up the coastal Italian fare at Donna Mare. Order the Hurricane for a refreshing blend of Don Q rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, and grenadine.

Ready to celebrate National Rum Day in Miami?

When you stay at Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club, you don’t have to go far to celebrate National Rum Day with our on-site Bungalow by the Sea beach club, Donna Mare restaurant, and lobby bar.