Kate Egan’s Miami Beach Packing List

When you think of the perfect trip to Miami Beach, a vision of breezy, chic outfits likely comes to mind. But when you need to consider daytime looks, beachwear, and outfits for the evening, a Miami Beach packing list can seem overwhelming. Fear not: Kate Egan, owner of lifestyle boutique Egan Miami Beach at Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club, is here to recommend all the looks you could need or want.


Daytime look: Pack a chic ensemble or a single piece that can be worn around town. An Anaak Kyoto Tie Strapless Dress, in a gorgeous shade of lilac, can be worn to lunch, around town, and into the evening, too.

Swimwear: A Grove One Piece from Cali Dreaming can double as a bodysuit and swimsuit. Pair it with white cotton-mesh pants to complete the perfect beach look.

Accessories: Water Thru Skin silver and gold message cuffs let you carry a message of love with you all day, while a Lola Megaphone Hat is the easiest, chicest choice. An Onikas block-printed scarf can be worn as a scarf or a sarong. And don’t forget Rodin’s Mermaid Collection Luxury Illuminating Liquid to maintain a sun-kissed glow.


Daytime look: To achieve a classic, elevated Miami Beach look, opt for a Frescobol Carioca linen shirt and shorts. These versatile linen pieces are the perfect attire to effortlessly go from beach to town in style. Wear these shirts over both swimming trunks during the daytime, or as part of an evening outfit.

Swimwear: Frescobol Carioca Tailored Swim Shorts in Angra double as boardshorts and a swimsuit. The pattern is named after the Angra dos Reis region in Brazil, which is famous for its idyllic islands and untouched beaches.

Accessories: Eco-conscious sandals by Hayn are environmentally friendly, comfortable, and easy to pack. Don’t forget a pair of Sutton sunglasses from C4 Eyewear. And for enjoyment, pick up a pair of Transco beach bats by Frescobol Carioca for sophisticated fun on the beach.


Dress your baby in a Bohemian Babies Striped Tee for the perfect Miami Beach kids look, whether relaxing on the beach or exploring around town.

For fun in the water, a Sparkles the Unicorn Lil’ Float by BigMouth is an Instagram-worthy photo opportunity for the kids. Don’t forget Baby Bum SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen for the little ones and a chic tote to pack it all in.

Ready to start packing for Miami Beach?

Let these tips inspire your own packing list, or pick up new looks after check-in at Egan Miami Beach.